360° Virtual Worlds

Bring your real-world experiences to life, online.

“‘AdaptiVLE have been a pleasure to work with - completing a design and build in just 7 weeks, allowing us to deliver our first virtual camp in just 12 weeks - an amazing outcome”
Camp in the Cloud


We create explorable locations, events and experiences that deliver a full 360° view of each area.


Each area of your 360° world can contain interactive elements such as video and games to enhance the experience.


An immersive 360° experience goes beyond entertainment, providing the perfect environment to provide training and education in situ.
Mark Gash
Lead Creative

Put your audience at the centre of your experience, wherever in the world they are

Zoom and social media have brought people closer together but experiencing real-world locations and events isn't the same via a streaming service.


A 360° world maps out attractions, events and experiences, creating virtual spaces for visitors to explore and interact with. 

Watch the video below to see how your 360° Virtual World could look.


Clickable hotspots bring the world to life with information panels, video, sound, games and galleries. This makes it perfect for teaching, delivering tours, exploring exhibits or training staff in a virtual workplace environment.


Mention VR (virtual reality), and people often think it requires a clunky headset but our 360° virtual worlds need nothing more than a desktop browser or mobile device.

And there's no need for a full film-crew - most locations can be shot with just 1 or 2 people in a single day.

If the weather doesn't show your location in the best light, our team can enhance shots or overlay them with illustrations, giving your virtual world a completely unique look and feel to your real one.

To find out more about how a 360° can enhance your real-world experience and open it up to people around the world, get in touch with our team.


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