Barretstown is a charity based in Ireland, providing residential camps and activities for seriously ill children and their families.

Affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the camp was unable to operate and needed an online solution to be able to welcome guests in a virtual environment.

Mirroring the real world


The camp consists of team activities, challenges and the opportunity to play and explore in a safe environment, complete with a real castle!

The brief was to create an online version which would continue to offer all of the exciting elements of Barretstown but on a platform which could be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Explore camp from the sofa


Using a 360° camera, the entire camp was mapped out into over 50 scenes which formed the core of the online experience.

Scenes contained videos, quizzes, interactive characters and activities for campers to participate in. The 360° world is an explorable navigation system which means users have to walk around inside the virtual camp to reach different activities and areas, just as they would in the real camp.

Uncover the fun

There are different zones within the platform, which feature videos and activities for campers to view and participate in.

Visiting locations in the 360° world allows campers to access mini-games and pages on the platform, for example, exploring the secret garden and talking to the fairies gives campers a secret password to enter the Mindfulness Shed.


Gamifying engagement


Real-life camp activities, such as golf and archery, are replicated through a series of mini-games which are accessed as campers navigate the 360° world.

We also added a level-up feature, which measures how campers are using and interacting with the platform. Each camper is challenged to build a virtual castle and the more they engage with the platform, the more bricks are added to their castle!

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