Bespoke Training Solutions


BTS specialise in training individuals and corporate teams for R0 exams leading to Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

They provide study guides, workshops, face-to-face training and virtual workshops which are designed to support individuals and help them achieve qualification.

adaptiVLE was approached to build a Learning Management System which would allow students and organisations to access BTS resources online.

The clue is in the name


'Bespoke' is part of BTS' name and the platform features many bespoke customisations, such as an integrated shopping cart and actionable reporting.


Corporate organisations that put forward a number of candidates have access to a custom reporting block where they can view all of their employees' progress on modules. 


Moodle was chosen as the software to build the LMS as it offered the greatest options for the custom features.


Brand synergy


BTS has a strong brand which is immediately recognisable in the market, so it was important that the new LMS reflected this in order to feel familiar to students.

The design of the platform mirrors their website and brand.

Powerful simplicity

BTS create all of their own resources, from handouts and study guides to fully scripted presentations and workshops. 

The ability for their staff to continue to create these learning aids was paramount, so the LMS was designed so that online resources could be built with ease, whilst still looking professional and ensuring that learning outcomes were met.


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