Camp in the Cloud - Over The Wall


Over The Wall is a UK charity that provides free residential summer activity camps for children and their families coping with serious illnesses.

The 2020 COVID19 pandemic resulted in their camps being cancelled - adaptiVLE was tasked with transforming the camp into an interactive online experience that would allow the charity to continue to provide a fun and supportive environment for ill children.

Replicating the real world


The challenge was to deliver an experience that replicated the feeling of being on camp, without campers actually leaving their sofa.

We added a structure that revolves around a camp map, allowing campers to virtually visit areas that exist on an actual camp. Different activities take place in different rooms and environments, adding an element of exploration and self-directed play.


Keeping it social


One of the key components of an Over The Wall camp is meeting new friends and socialising through group activities and campfire chats.

We used Zoom video conferencing software to host virtual gatherings and integrated it with the camp schedule which ensures campers are always aware where and when they will next be able to chat with friends.

Blended activities

Many of the STEM and mindfulness activities require physical resources and these are couriered to campers prior to the start of the virtual camp.


We used Zoom and pre-recorded video to host activity sessions where campers are directed to use these resource packs and join in with the volunteers and other children. 

On a real-world camp, children would receive Brilliance Beads as a physical reward for completing activities. The Camp in the Cloud site tracks activity completion of users so that these beads can be posted to campers at the end of their experience.


Interactive games

Some of the camp activities, such as archery, sailing, bowling, nature trails and climbing didn't lend themselves to guided video, so instead, we created a series of games around these themes.

Multiple choice quizzes, drag and drop activities and hot-spot interactions were all used to deliver fun, engaging micro-activities that children could play outside of their scheduled calendar of camp events.

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