Canal & River Trust


Canal & River Trust is a charity that looks after, and brings to life, over 2,000 miles of Britain's waterways.


adaptiVLE have produced a number of blended training projects for the Trust. This latest one was aimed at educating its volunteers and made use of the Trust's new branding.

Learning for all ages


Canal & River Trust trains a large team of volunteers across the country, in a variety of roles. Volunteers range from teenagers to retirees, so it is important that the trust's training is suitable for all ages.


adaptiVLE designed the blended learning elements with clear, simple layouts and intuitive navigation. 

Mobile first


Courses are accessed at the volunteer's place of work. Depending on their role, this can be in an office or out on a canal tow-path.


adaptiVLE built the blended training with a 'mobile first' approach, meaning all resources are available across mobiles, tablets and computers, and work offline. So no matter where the volunteers are located, they can access their training.

Branching video


To bring the training to life, adaptiVLE filmed current volunteers talking about their roles. The course presents various scenarios for trainees to explore and they can choose from a number of different people to answer questions.


This gives them a more rounded view of the work they will be involved in, all filmed in beautiful 4K video!

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