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The Lab

A membership portal for Formula Botanica

Building on the success of Formula Botanica's award-winning online organic skincare school, The Lab is an exclusive members-only Organic Cosmetic Formulation Training Platform to keep members' professional skills and knowledge up to date.

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The Lab contains:

  • Monthly Lab Lectures & Lessons

  • Access to the best research libraries in the industry

  • Accredited certificates and badges for each mini-course (certified by CPD UK)

  • Live monthly Q&A Masterclass

  • Private community of formulators + entrepreneurs

  • And much more


Staying on top of all the latest trends in cosmetic ingredients and formulation is hard work and time-consuming. The beauty sector changes all the time, and The Lab helps its members know what is hot and trending right now. Formulations evolve with improved techniques and ingredients, The Lab helps formulators keep up-to-date. New ingredients are constantly added to the market, The Lab helps members to research them. The Lab is the one single place that includes all of this information, providing members with peace of mind that they will be on the front foot with developments in organic cosmetics.


Project highlights

We built a custom membership platform using the Moodle Learning Management System as the base.  Learners can join The Lab at any time to access incredible content.  The Lab integrates with the current Formula Botanica eLearning Platform and provides the perfect accompaniment for learners or an essential tool for Formula Botanica alumni.

  • Incredibly User-friendly Dashboard

  • Searchable ingredients, formulations and equipment libraries

  • Badges and Certificates

  • A vast library of incredible content

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