Doncaster Deaf Trust


Doncaster Deaf Trust is an independent charity which has supported deaf people for 190 years. It delivers a specially adapted curriculum for deaf children and young adults.

They recently received National Lottery funding to develop a BSL Level 1 course which would be free for the public to access. We were approached to build both the course and learning platform to deliver it. 

Accessibility first


We always take accessibility into account when building learning platforms and courses, ensuring that screen readers and other assistive technologies are able to easily interpret and present the information being delivered.

As you would expect, for Doncaster Deaf Trust this was more important than ever. We built the platform in Moodle, which meets the AA standard for W3C accessibility compliance.


An unknown audience


Doncaster Deaf Trust usually delivers courses to young people with hearing difficulties. However, the Level 1 BSL course was going to be available free of charge to anybody. We had to take this into account when designing the platform, as it had to cater to people who may never have accessed an
e-learning course before.

The course was created in H5P, as it offers a simple interface and a logical navigation system. Interactive video was used to deliver key lessons on subjects such as finger spelling and greetings. We also ensured the activities worked across different devices and screen sizes.

Built to scale - and tested!

The free British Sign Language course was conceived and built before the COVID-19 pandemic and was originally predicted to attract around 1,000 users. However, with the explosion of people being furloughed or forced to work from home, interest in online courses boomed and as of July 2020, the BSL course has over 13,000 users.


Luckily, we built the platform to be able to scale and grow to accommodate a large number of users - we just didn't expect it to happen so fast!


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