Formula Botanica


Formula Botanica is one of our long-standing clients and we have worked with them for over 5 years to develop their award-winning online organic skincare formulation and business school. Through its accredited online courses, Formula Botanica has become the market leader in delivering organic skincare courses and has seen thousands of its graduates launch global indie beauty brands. 

Formula Botanica


To ensure Formula Botanic remains at the top of their game, we continually develop their platform.


Our recently completed work includes a refreshed Moodle theme with an updated student dashboard, new badge blocks and a bespoke resume-course feature.


Additional work comprised of a brand new course format and custom-built course activity, which we called Page Plus.


Thoughtful re-design


Our new dashboard introduces an induction checklist, allowing students to quickly become orientated with their tasks during enrolment.


Iconography for each course clearly shows course progression and boasts a resume feature that drops the learner right back into where they left off.

Streamlined content

Our new course format provides the student with a simplified table of contents showing the course structure.


Each task is automatically checked off as the learner progresses and unlocks the next section. 


Page Plus

Our new Page Plus feature simplifies learning content by providing a tabbed interface to avoid unnecessary page loads and clicks, and ensures all content is contained within one simple lesson.

Formula Botanica are one of our oldest and most valued customers and we are proud to be a part of their team. If you are looking for a development partner on a large-scale project, get in touch to see how we can help.
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