Formula Botanica


Formula Botanica provides blended training in organic skincare, boasting over 4,000 students across 129 countries.


adaptiVLE built the company's LMS, and Formula Botanica went on to win the “Excellence in the Design of Learning Content” gold award at the international Learning Technologies Awards in 2016.

Beautiful design


As you would expect from a company that delivers skincare formulation training, the Formula Botanica learning platform is beautifully designed. 

The front end is clean and fresh and facilitates great-looking content creation.

Works on all devices

Formula Botanica students can access their training wherever they are, as the VLE works across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. Which is handy when you have your hands full creating a new face creme!

Not only skin deep


The saying, "Beauty is only skin deep" doesn't apply to this eLearning platform!

Behind the scenes, the Formula Botanica LMS features advanced e-commerce integrations, custom reporting and tools that directly help the learner improve.


This allows trainers to assess trainee progress and identify gaps in knowledge.

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