KAA Online


Karen Ardley Associates deliver acclaimed leadership and training consultancy, supporting schools and colleges worldwide. 

With many overseas clients, KAA wanted to grow the company with an online presence, which would allow more customers to access their training whilst still retaining the personal touch of their friendly team.

The right platform


As a provider of leadership development to schools around the globe, KAA needed a learning platform that was not only tried and tested but also built to deliver large-scale training programmes.

Together with hosting modules, it also needed to include feedback forums, assessment and scoring tools and be able to host extra resources. Our first choice was Moodle, as it is open-source, meaning KAA are always in control of their content and IP.


Multi-format blended training


The KAA online initiative is intended as an enhancement to their current real-world training. Whilst in some cases it delivers a purely online experience, in others, it runs in tandem with their face-to-face sessions.

The platform allows content to be customised depending on the client, so each individual has a different learning journey. This may include live video conferencing, interactive video, scored assessments and downloadable resources for use offline.

The personal touch

Karen Ardley Associates' USP is grounded in their personal approach to training their clients. The platform needed to replicate this.

Video is used throughout the platform so that training delegates can be immersed in the personalities of the KAA team. Live Zoom sessions mirror the real-life training seminars and a social feedback forum means a friendly facilitator is always on hand to assist and answer questions.


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