Are you a face-to-face trainer needing to pivot to online?

Knowledge Push delivers fast, revenue-generating digital transformation for your training business.


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Your own online training platform, complete with a ready-to-go branded storefront.

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Your KnowledgePush platform costs just £5,000 p/a and you don't pay a commission on your sales.
Anthony Doyle
Sales Lead

Is your face-to-face training business struggling?

We now live in a world where you can no longer hire a room and invite delegates. Employees work from home, meaning those corporate headquarters you used to deliver training at are all empty. Companies have moved online, taking advantage of video conferencing and digital platforms.


Isn’t it time you did the same?

Isn’t it time for you to push your training business online?

KnowledgePush from adaptiVLE is the premier digital training platform designed for face-to-face training businesses. Whether you’ve felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic or are just looking to open up new opportunities, KnowledgePush is the low-cost solution to digital transformation for your company.

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  • Branded training platform

  • Create and host video courses in your own course library

  • Ready-to-go, branded e-commerce store to sell courses directly from your platform

  • An in-built live streaming tool to deliver facilitated courses

  • Resource bank to store and distribute training aids and collateral

  • Reporting tools to monitor user progress and engagement

  • Discussion forum to interact with users

  • Intuitive course creation tools to build your own interactive content

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  • Low-cost solution to pivoting your training business online - just £5,000 per annum

  • Grow your audience - you are no longer limited by geography or room size!

  • Your courses can be purchased and accessed 24/7 - make money whilst you sleep.

  • Reporting tools allow you to assess the effectiveness of courses and identify knowledge gaps in your audience.

  • Create user profiles to encourage audience buy-in to your platform.

  • Engage with your audience outside of scheduled course times, building relationships and promoting repeat business.

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