Land Based Learning


Land Based Learning provides interactive teaching, learning and assessment material for the land based sector.


After Land Based Learning received an award from the government’s Flexible Learning Fund, adaptiVLE successfully tendered for the delivery of a new online blended learning platform.



Land Based Learning already had a VLE, however, it was outdated and not suitable for the delivery of blended content to their 38 member colleges and universities.


adaptiVLE built a brand-new platform, incorporating custom design and functionality. Although the new LMS was designed to serve Land Based Learning’s existing student count, it is flexible enough to accommodate thousands of users as new colleges and universities subscribe to the organisation.

Mobile & offline friendly

Unsurprisingly, the practical elements of many of Land Based Learning's blended courses take place in the field (sometimes literally!), so it was important that the platform was accessible across mobile devices.

In addition to this, all content is available offline, so can learners can carry out their studies even in areas where there is no internet connection - course data simply syncs back to the servers once a connection is re-established.

Personalised learning


The Land Based Learning platform allows users to follow a personalised learning curve, dependant upon their preferences and areas of study.

The VLE interface takes cues from commercial services such as Netflix, with further study recommendations being made based upon their current course choices.

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