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Moodle is undoubtedly the premier open-source software for creating learning platforms, yet its stock interface can seem a bit bare-bones and uninviting to both teachers and students. So for our work with Modul University, we gave Moodle an Apple Music facelift. 



Modul University Vienna is an international university for business and economics, with a strong research focus on international management, service-related industries, tourism, sustainability, data science, and the design of information systems.


Modul came to us to build a Moodle platform that is built upon similar UX principles found in popular music streaming sites, such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Using album covers, playlists, social sharing, random (feeling lucky) features, friends features and more.


Inspired by streaming


Inspired by Apple Music, we built a bespoke theme with a simplified menu and streamlined user interface.


Teachers can customise their courses by uploading album style artwork and changing the background gradient colour of the course to reflect the course category or subject.


For the first time in Moodle history, teachers can select custom artwork and icons that can be applied to any activity.

Bespoke, timed courses

Courses and activities use meta-tagging so teachers can add a time estimate to each activity (similar to the length of a music track), then, cleverly, the course totals up all of the activity times to provide the student with a total course time (like an album).


This allows students to plan their time better and personalise their learning experience.


Personalised playlists

Students can create learning playlists (like music playlists) and add activities, assignments and quizzes.


Playlists can be customized with artwork and even shared amongst friends on their course, creating a culture of personalised and peer learning. This has not been done before in the Moodle, nor wider, eLearning world.


A lot of people think the idea of "Apple/Amazon/Netflix for Learning" is a gimmick, and modern approaches to LMS design based on popular "all-you-can-eat streaming sites" are actively criticised.


Unlike TV and music, we are not promoting a binge culture for learning with this approach, we are simply utilising modern User Experience and User Interface techniques to deliver a learning platform that works. Quizzes, assignments, forums etc all stay the same but it's the way the content is presented that makes the difference - the LMS no longer feels like something from 2005, it feels like a modern platform that students actually enjoy using. How many other Universities can boast an LMS like that?

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