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Proactive Moodle Support

A proper retainer package, from proper experts

Looking for proactive Moodle support? We go beyond break-fix to deliver an enhanced retainer package that gives you priority access to our Moodle expertise.

It pains us to say it but tech isn't 100% reliable. Luckily, we're a sympathetic team, so when something goes sideways, we're always there for our clients to get things back on track.

Sometimes, however, you want more than just a breakdown service - you're looking for LMS wrap-around care that predicts problems before they happen, makes recommendations and helps you plan solutions to projects that may only be a glimmer in your eye.

That's where the adaptiVLE Moodle support retainer package comes into play.

Moodle support retainer

As a retainer client, you will benefit from:


  • Prioritised support. Retainer clients are always 'first-in-line' for support, giving you the certainty that any issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

  • Proactive management of your Moodle LMS. Rather than ad-hoc maintenance of your Moodle, we will provide enhanced monitoring and regular in-depth reviews of your LMS, meaning we anticipate issues before they happen and ensure your Moodle problems are minimised.

  • Premier access to our team's expertise. Our team has limited in the diary when it comes to project consultancy, however, retainer clients have exclusive access to book explorative meetings to discuss new ideas. So rather than work-for-hire, we become a true partner that aligns with your vision and contributes to the bigger picture of your success. 


Sounds good doesn't it?
Hit the button below and let's talk retainers.

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