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Our carbon footprint

Sustainable eLearning, powered by trees

adaptiVLE is based in Skipton, the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales and we're proper lucky to be able to spend our lunchtimes walking around God's Own County. Our immediate environment has a positive effect on our creativity, wellbeing and general outlook on life! We want to keep it that way for future generations, so with that in mind, we have a plan...

In 2022, we got ourselves certified to ISO 14001, which is a big deal in the world of environmental management systems. It means that we are serious about doing our bit to reduce adaptiVLE's carbon footprint and take care of our planet, by putting in place the right policies and practices.

ISO QSL Cert ISO 14001 - Main.png

But we're not stopping there! We've set ourselves a goal of becoming carbon negative by 2025. And to make this happen, we've started planting a tree for every new customer that comes on board. That way, we're not only off-setting our own carbon emissions, but we're getting all of our customers involved in the fight against climate change. It shows that adaptiVLE's not just talking the talk, but walking the walk when it comes to protecting our planet.

To find out how your eLearning can benefit from our carbon-negative journey, or if you just fancy planting a tree, contact us. 

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