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3 Essentials for Online Course Design

Whatever stage of your online training journey you're at, it's always an idea to make sure the foundations are in place. So we've distilled down the process of getting your course online into 3 essential parts.

Course Creation Software

Also known as course authoring software, this is the tool you will use to build your course and add interactivity. The software will determine what your course looks like and the type of interactive content you can build into it.

There are many different types of software available to build e-learning courses and it can be as simple as whipping up a click-next slideshow or building a fully interactive training package with video, games and quizzes. Generally speaking, the more full-featured the software, the higher the cost to buy or subscribe to it.

Somewhere To Host

Your course needs somewhere to live online so that people can access it. This will usually be on an LMS (Learning Management System). An LMS allows you to store your library of courses and resources for users to access. User progress and scores are recorded in the LMS and admins can generate reports showing how learners are using the system and progressing across the suite of courses available to them.

Some LMS come with course authoring software built-in, avoiding the need to buy an expensive separate product, so do your research! Many of the slicker-looking management systems come with a high price tag, so look into open-source options to keep the cost down.

To Learn

Course authoring takes time and skill to master and depending on which software you choose, the learning curve might not be as fast as you need. The more time you spend using the software, the more proficient you will become, meaning you will find it easier and quicker to produce online courses.

Search online for Course Authoring Software and make sure you sign up for trials, as everybody's needs are different.

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3 Essentials for Course Creation
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