• Mark Gash

3 steps to selling courses online

Updated: May 17, 2021

Looking to sell your courses online?

Here's what you'll need.


Obvious really! Get a professional e-learning company to help you build them or do it yourself. Some Learning Management Systems come complete with built-in course creation tools to make slideshows, quizzes, games and interactive video.


An LMS is a place where your courses live online, allowing users to log in and access your learning. Some Learning Management Systems allow custom branding to reflect your logo and colours and a bespoke build will showcase and deliver your courses in an intuitive, user-friendly interface.


Payment solutions vary but we recommend a frontend webshop to process payments which then links users seamlessly into their purchased courses with a single sign-on. This keeps it simple for everybody and means you don't need to manually process payments or match and assign courses to customers once they've bought them.


Ask adaptiVLE about our online course selling package, including an LMS branded to your organisation, interactive course-building tools and a payment gateway to advertise, sell and onboard your users in one simple solution.

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