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5 free ways to put your training online

Need to make your face-to-face training digital?

Everybody is struggling at the moment but those of us whose services are reliant on interacting with people in the real world, such as trainers, are finding it especially tough.

With face-to-face sessions being cancelled left, right and centre, many training businesses are now wondering how they can survive. Here at adaptiVLE, we specialise in creating online training and wanted to share a few ways you can put your training online, for free. We hope that you can use some of these methods to adapt the way your business operates and continue to provide a service to your clients. If you're looking for more advice on how you can make your training digital, we are currently offering free advice clinics. There's no obligation or selling, we just want to do what we can to help - the survival of our business relies on the survival of businesses like yours!

Everybody knows Youtube and it's probably the easiest platform to get going with. Over 2 billion Youtube videos are viewed each day and half of those are people looking to learn something, so set-up your camera and start presenting! You can create your own channel, collect subscribers and away you go. You can make videos private too, so only clients can access them.


Vimeo is a bit like YouTube but with more options (such as password protection on links) and no ads appearing on your videos. Vimeo starts with a free tier but you can pay monthly for more options. One of these is a Pay-On-Demand service which lets you build up a library and charge for access to your videos - handy when you're trying to earn a living!


Facebook Live does exactly what it says on the tin and lets you broadcast live training sessions. Youtube Live is similar but again, there are ads, which you don't have on Facebook Live. It allows immediate, on-the-fly engagement with your audience, who can send in questions that you can answer there and then. Great for simulating a real-world classroom.


If you'd rather not put yourself out there on video, Slideshare could be the answer. We've all used Powerpoint in the past - Slideshare takes your presentations and provides a platform for you to share them with the world. As Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn, it carries a bit more business credibility than perhaps Facebook or Youtube.


H5P is for those of you who are wanting an easy way to deliver e-learning. It allows you to create presentation slides with text, images and video but then offers simple tools to overlay these slides with a degree of interactivity. You can add multiple-choice questions, drag-&-drop activities and even branching storylines, all complete with scoring to assess how well your learners have done.


We hope these are of some use and if you need any more help, please get in touch.

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