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5 steps to create engaging online training

We've all been forced to take boring eLearning courses at some point in our careers. You might even be guilty of having created some yourself. So what can you do to ensure your online training connects with your audience and delivers the information you want them to learn?

Tell a story

Facts are dry and boring. Fact. Stories are better than facts because they engage the audience on an emotional level. If you can weave your facts into a story, if you introduce characters that the audience identifies with, then you have a much better chance of your learners retaining information.

Include cause and effect scenarios

Ever hear the old adage “learn from your mistakes”? There’s no better way to learn a lesson than to get something wrong and have to deal with the consequences. So don’t present your audience with facts or tell them what to do - give them options and let them make decisions. Set up familiar scenarios and allow your learners to experience what happens when they get the answer wrong - it adds to the storytelling experience and will provoke better recall of lessons in real-world situations.

Bring learning to life with interactive video

Text and graphics are only a substitute for real-life. To really hammer home your lessons, use video. You can show real people in real environments, using real objects - perfect for when you need to illustrate specific situations, products or objects. Combine video with cause and effect to create branching interactions - show characters experiencing different outcomes based on a learner’s decisions.

Back it up with facts

Make sure you still include facts and resources for your audience to refer back to. Stories are brilliant but if somebody is genuinely stuck, the last thing they want is to have to re-watch the same video clip over and over before they can get the answer. It’s a good idea to have a button linking to a glossary or further reading, to expand on a user’s understanding of a subject.

Reward your audience

Whether you include formal assessments or not, it’s a good idea to have some sort of reward system in place. Don’t assume that the thrill of your eLearning story is reward in itself - a mouse only navigates a maze to get to the cheese at the end. Find out what motivates your users and tie a reward into that.

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