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adaptiVLE are ISO 27001 Certified

adaptiVLE has recently gained ISO 27001 certification in Information Security Management. But why? And what does it mean for our clients?

ISO 27001 is all about controlling risks to our business so that systems, technology, data and our reputation remain intact. As a company that builds learning platforms and websites involving the personal details of thousands of individuals, we have always prioritised our commitment to data security. We have held Cyber Essentials certification since 2016 and our team have kept abreast of the latest changes in Data Protection, from the introduction of the GDPR, through to the evolution of the post-Brexit UK-GDPR. In short, our clients’ data has been kept as safe as possible through our diligent approach to information security. As adaptiVLE has grown over the last couple of years, in terms of both our customer base and team members, it has become even more important to show how seriously we take data protection. ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard that provides reassurance to our customers that their information is held securely, that our team is well trained and that we are on top of our risks and regulatory requirements. It also demonstrates that our business continuity plan strengthens our clients’ own supply chain. Gaining our ISO 27001 was no mean feat - we had to prove that our Information Security Management System (IMSM) keeps data safe from intentional and unintentional threats both external and internal. This took over a month of work, consulting with the expert team at ISO Quality Services Limited.

adaptiVLE Director, Lewis Carr, said,

“adaptiVLE have built up a reputation as the go-to company for building large-scale learning platforms which handle the sensitive data of tens of thousands of individuals.
"During the pandemic, we undertook a number of projects for children’s charities and it became more important than ever to prove our commitment to data security. Working with Julia Meaden at ISO Quality Services Limited simplified the process and ensured we knew exactly what we had to do to gain our certification.
"I’m proud to say that the diligence and dedication of our own team in our approach to data over the years meant that we had no major hurdles to overcome in achieving accreditation!”

If you would like to find out more about the services adaptiVLE provide and how ISO 27001 helps to keep our clients’ data safe, get in touch with the team.


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