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Deliver real-world experiences digitally

As the lines between offline and online blur, the opportunity to engage with your audience increases. Being able to choose between walking into a 24/7 supermarket or shopping online has set the bar when it comes to the expectations of customers accessing your products or services.

The COVID19 pandemic has only expedited what was already on the horizon - organisations looking to interact and retain customers without them ever visiting a physical place of business.

However, it’s not about replacing real-world services with online ones - it’s about mirroring activities so that your audience can choose where and when they engage with you. It means that should your offline presence ever hit a bump in the road, that your business can continue uninterrupted online.

And we aren’t just talking about shops or product manufacturers - the internet has served them well for years. We’re talking about any real-world experience that welcomes the public, from health spas to castles, theatres to festivals and sports to charity events.

It means that you aren’t limited by geography or head-counts - a tourist attraction that’s mirrored online can welcome 7 billion people a year.

A musical show doesn’t end when the curtain falls - it can be enjoyed again by a paying audience on the other side of the world.

A mindfulness retreat isn’t confined to a cabin in the wilderness, customers can access a virtual, yet no less fulfilling, experience from their homes.

A virtual experience means the opportunity to welcome more customers and increase revenue.

It levels the playing field in terms of access - a tourist attraction nestled away in the Scottish Highlands is just as easy to experience as one located in central London.

It isn’t limited by time, opening hours or unforeseen restrictions - it’s available 365 days a year, day or night.

Unlike a website, a virtual experience is unique. Custom-built digital activities mirror your real-world offering, providing a bespoke event that your audience can only discover through you.

We are experts in building virtual experience platforms. We deliver interactive video, virtual tours, mini-games, video-conferencing, subscription packages and much more, all wrapped up in a unique, package, branded to your organisation.

Not only that but your virtual experience platform will also provide information on how your visitors use your resources and what they learn from you, capturing data that will allow you to improve your product and up-sell to your audience.

If you provide a real-world activity of any kind, whether it’s educational, entertaining, social or business-focused, then we can build a bespoke, digital version of that experience online.

Get in touch with adaptiVLE today to discover how a virtual experience can enhance your real-world business.

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