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Meet the Team - Sam Harold

Describe your role.

My role is content development. I work with the briefs we receive from clients in order to create their courses. It involves a lot of problem-solving and figuring out the best way to use our tools to give the client exactly what they are looking for - even if we have to break some software along the way!

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I had a variety of things I wanted to be as a kid, but my most vivid memory is of wanting to become a powerful magician, to make my imagination come to life. I sort of got what I wanted but the things I create at adaptiVLE are fueled more by hard work and coca-cola than by magic.

How did you land your current role?

The company was looking for someone to come on-board and learn the ropes of content development. As I had just finished school, it sounded like an opportunity to try something new and gain skills in an area I was interested in. Four years and a list of tools under my belt later and here I am developing engaging e-learning content for clients. It was all a matter of being prepared to give something a go, figure things out for myself and learn to use something I had never used before.

What do you love about your job?

I love working with people that are nice to be around. We have a friendly work environment that leaves you feeling respected and appreciated, this, in turn, encourages you to work more at what you do and that gives a rewarding feeling. What I love most about my job is being part of the team and working closely with client requests to see how my work helps other people.

What is your favourite piece of software?

I would have to say my favourite piece of software is the web browser software that we all use to search the internet! But because I feel that's not exactly what the question was referring to, my favourite content development software would be Storyline360. Whilst it takes longer to develop content with this software, it gives you lots of control in how that content will look to the end-user.

Where do you see e-learning in the next 5 years?

Presuming the zombie apocalypse has not swallowed up the content development business, I personally see eLearning being embraced more widely and serving as a form of automation for a lot of current learning. With eLearning, one teacher can provide directed and effective teaching to many students, and open up their time to be involved in the more complicated, and human-to-human parts of the training. Outside eLearning's potential growth in business, it will continue to grow in more private places, through sites like YouTube and Wikia. Whether people are learning trade skills or trivia, the demand for information will continue to grow and ways of teaching this will continue to become more prevalent and innovative.

Otherwise, I will be up in Scotland, waiting to rebuild civilization.

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