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Set up a zero-budget online training hub

Want to transition to online training but don't have the budget to procure a full-featured online training and development hub? We've got you covered, with our 6-step guide to creating your own zero-budget online training system.

What are the advantages of digital training?

  • Training resources can be accessed 24/7, so fit around flexible working patterns.

  • All resources are stored on the web, so there is no reliance on physical training manuals, videos or assessment papers.

  • Individual progress is logged digitally, keeping an up-to-date record for each employee.

  • Training resources can be created to be as large or as small as required and can take anywhere from 5 minutes upwards for employees to complete, meaning training can fit around other tasks and no staff release time is required.

  • An online training and development provision streamlines the creation, delivery and reporting of training resources to make the role of a Training Manager simpler.

  • Online training saves time on staff release and the costs associated with providing training in a physical location i.e. travel, refreshments and handouts.

To maximise your transition to online training, you would ideally be looking at a dedicated Training & Development Hub. This would provide you with the tools to create training resources, tailor training programs to individuals and report on their progress.

If however, you are looking to test the waters without committing to a full-featured hub, there are some things you can do right now.


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