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Tech For Good: We Mind The Gap

We're excited to highlight another impactful project that aligns with our Tech for Good initiative. We're shining the spotlight on We Mind The Gap, a charity dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of disadvantaged young people, utilising technology as a catalyst for change.

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Briefly describe what the project set out to achieve (the core goals, the purpose, positive change, and impact you wanted to have)

The project set out to achieve several core goals and make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged young people. The main purpose was to motivate, upskill, and improve the prospects of these individuals. The virtual Discovery Village, built using Moodle and H5P, aimed to provide a platform for blended learning that could be accessed throughout the pandemic and beyond.

The goal was to create a modern and engaging environment that would appeal to individuals aged between 16 and 24. By offering a range of activities, experiences, mentoring, learning opportunities, and live-streaming capabilities, the project sought to empower these young people and provide them with valuable skills and knowledge.

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Now tell us how your goals were met. What impact and positive change has the project had on the lives of the users or indeed the planet?

The goals of We Mind The Gap were successfully met through the implementation of the virtual Discovery Village. The project had a significant positive impact on the lives of its users. By utilizing Moodle and H5P, the platform provided interactive and engaging activities for young individuals. The 360° world created in H5P allowed users to explore the Discovery Village and access various activities and hidden games, fostering curiosity and exploration.

The project offered a diverse range of activities, including an escape room game, business plan-building exercises, and mindfulness exercises, enabling the development of practical skills, entrepreneurial thinking, and emotional well-being.

The inclusion of video content, such as live-streamed mentor sessions, guest speakers, and motivational speeches from famous faces, added a dynamic element to the learning experience. This not only provided valuable insights and inspiration but also connected the users with successful role models.

Overall, the project succeeded in empowering disadvantaged young people by equipping them with new skills, enhancing their confidence, and broadening their horizons.

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What's next for We Mind The Gap?

With the emergence of new Artificial Intelligence technology, it makes sense to use the new software available to build upon the existing Discovery Village concept and create an even more immersive environment using generative A.I. tools. Artificial Intelligence is already changing the way education and businesses operate, so to use these tools to familiarise young people with the changing employment landscape and provide them with opportunities to learn how to use A.I. in a work environment, would be a phenomenal boost to their skillset.

Outside of technology, We Mind The Gap is always looking to strengthen the support network for young individuals beyond the virtual platform. This could involve establishing mentorship programs, internships, or job placement opportunities to further enhance their prospects and create lasting positive change in their lives. Collaboration with local businesses and community organisations could provide valuable connections and resources.

Continued evaluation and feedback from the users should inform ongoing improvements and refinements to ensure that We Mind The Gap remains relevant, impactful, and adaptive to the evolving needs of disadvantaged young people. By continuously striving to innovate and expand their offerings, the charity can make a lasting difference in the lives of those they aim to support.


adaptiVLE are avid supporters of the Tech for Good movement, improving lives and the environment through the use of eLearning. To find out more about how we do this, or if you are looking to plan your own Tech For Good project, get in touch.


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