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Using H5P to create cost-effective online courses

Here at adaptiVLE, we've always been big fans of H5P - it's simple to learn, intuitive to use and is free and open-source. It's a great standalone tool for creating interactive courses that can be embedded on webpages and in your LMS. It's also built into Moodle which we use to create many of our learning platforms, so that's a bonus too.

With the recent release of H5P's new book tool, you can string together previously separate interactions, videos, quizzes and info panels into one neat little package - check out our Food Safety demo below to see how effective it can be.

Mobile users - hit the square blue burger menu on the top left of the H5P below to start.

If you like the look of H5P and want to find out more about how adaptiVLE can help you build simple, cost-effective online courses, get in touch on 0113 833 0261 or fill out our contact form here.


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