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Virtual experiences - beyond e-learning

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Past, Present...

It’s been a strange few months. As a company providing e-learning services to the training sector, we saw an inevitable drop-off in work from some of our regular clients who were unable to maintain operations during the lockdown. However, as our expertise lies in translating real-world training into online training, we were fortunate enough to be able to help many of our customers weather the COVID19 storm. In fact, we even had an influx of new business from trainers who came to us looking for ways to pivot their face-to-face model into a digital one.

We are grateful to all of our training clients, old and new, for their support this year. We always consider our customers to be partners in projects and it’s the strength of these partnerships that have seen us continue to adapt and grow in these times.



That’s not the end of the story though - in fact, it's just the beginning. For a while now, we have had a steady stream of clients that exist outside of the traditional training and educational sectors. They might not know what an LMS is and aren’t bound by the definition of what we know as structured courses. Yet, they all have a requirement to deliver knowledge online, measure how their audience engages with that knowledge and assess what they take away from it. At its core, that’s pretty much the foundation of e-learning.

Your own definition of e-learning will vary depending on your age, your education and your career and it may not always be a positive one! Just the phrase itself can be a barrier to organisations who would benefit from a learning platform versus a website, a result of the client's own previous experiences with bad e-learning.

So for all those companies who may never have considered e-learning as an option to deliver their offline activities on the web, we’re redefining the service we offer.

If you provide a real-world experience of any kind, whether it’s educational, entertaining, social or business-focused, then we can build a bespoke, digital version of that experience online.

Our team can deliver interactive video, virtual tours, mini-games, resources, video-conferencing, subscription packages and much more, all wrapped up in a unique, branded site. Not only that but your online experience platform will also be able to provide information on how your visitors use your resources and what they learn from you, capturing data that will allow you to improve your product and up-sell to your audience.

Whether you run a charity, a theatre, a tourist attraction or a wellness centre, our virtual experience platforms ensure that no matter what’s happening in the real world, your organisation’s activities can still happen in the digital one.

To find out more about how a virtual experience package can enhance your business or organisation, get in touch with adaptiVLE.

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