• Mark Gash

What can LearnerScript do for your Moodle?

adaptiVLE are the exclusive UK partner for LearnerScript - we've put together a series of short videos to explain how LearnerScript turns your Moodle course data into useful insights for you and your users.

LearnerScript helps you analyse, interpret and make use of your data.

  • Create timed, automated reports quickly and easily.

  • Set role-based permissions for data access.

  • Installed on your own servers, so no data transfer to third-party.

  • Works across all devices.

  • Compatible with all major databases.

  • No data sync issues, as the plugin is installed as part of your LMS.

  • One-time purchase - no expensive subscription plans.

LearnerScript is a one-off cost of just under £2000 and is simple to install on any Moodle platform. What are you waiting for? Contact adaptiVLE for more information and start making sense of your data today!

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