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Besides e-learning, what else can an LMS do?

How we adapt the Moodle software for use beyond learning

As a company born in the fires of e-learning, adaptiVLE are experts in creating bespoke Learning Management Systems that are precisely tailored to the needs of individual clients. When it comes to an LMS, one size does not fit all, no matter how many times LMS providers proclaim their products to do so. But outside of e-learning, what else can an LMS do?

The last year has forced many organisations to adapt and pivot what they do in order to survive in a world suddenly plunged into a digital way of life. adaptiVLE were fortunate in that we could provide solutions for companies needing a fast-track way to re-invent themselves online. Yet how did we do this for organisations that existed outside of the defined e-learning sphere? Surely our experience building Learning Management Systems and online courses were only of use to training providers or education?

The key is the power of an LMS and its potential to be adapted beyond its original intention. Here at adaptiVLE, we use Moodle, which is an open-source LMS that has been around for about 20 years. Our Managing Director, Lewis Carr, was an early adopter of Moodle during his time working in education and has remained a firm advocate ever since, working for some of Moodle's biggest providers and rivals since 2002. In 2015, he founded adaptiVLE and began to unlock the secrets of the Moodle software, making it perform far beyond its intended scope.

Fast forward 6 years and adaptiVLE now employs a team of staff who bend Moodle to their will on a daily basis - whether it's a Netflix-inspired interface or custom explorable 360° virtual worlds, we have built Moodle solutions for organisations who wouldn't even know what the letters LMS stand for.

Some of the key features of a custom LMS platform from adaptiVLE:

  • A bespoke theme, incorporating your brand

  • Intuitive navigation

  • Responsive design to work on any device

  • Secure sign in for your staff and users

  • Personalised pathways for each user, to give individuals a unique experience on the platform.

  • Built-in tools, to allow users to create interactive content from simple quizzes, to video, games and their own virtual worlds.

  • Forums, calendars and file management tools to ensure that all of your users have access to help and information just when they need it.

Over the last 12 months, we've built custom platforms across diverse sectors such as leadership management, charity, healthcare and theatre - check out some of our projects here and imagine what adaptiVLE could do for your organisation.

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