Referral programme

You've got clients that need training.

We create training courses.

Can we talk about referrals?



We pay a 5 - 10% fee for any successful referral work we undertake.


We will pass back any leads we think may be of interest to your business.


You can trust us to always be open and honest about the status of leads you pass to us.
Lewis Carr
Lewis Carr
Managing Director

We're not just growing our business, we're growing our network


Strong business relationships benefit everybody and not just when you happen to be working together. We're a business built on referrals and we want to reward our friends who have helped us to get where we are.


Word-of-mouth recommendations carry much more weight than any advertising campaign ever could. Our clients trust us enough to recommend our services to their connections and we are always thrilled when they direct a new customer to us for online training.

With that in mind, we would like to introduce our referral programme to you.

We pay 5 to 10% fee for any successful referral work we undertake.

If you are unable to accept a fee for ethical reasons, we can look at other ways to show our appreciation, such as complimentary consultancy work.

We are also open to passing referrals back to you, where we think this would be appropriate.

If you're interested in becoming a referral partner, get in touch using the form on this page.

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