Scottish Social Services Council


The Scottish Social Services Council is responsible for raising standards in the country's social service workforce.

They had a requirement for a free-to-access learning platform which would host a library of resources and apps to a varied audience of professional workers, volunteers and mentors.

Open access


What set the project apart from most learning platforms was the need for open access, meaning no login details or sign-up are required. The SSSC wanted to make their courses and resources freely available to all interested parties and stakeholders.


We delivered a simple, search-driven Moodle with clean navigation, which could easily scale to serve thousands of anticipated users within the social service sector.


Open badge compatibility


Many visitors to the platform would use the learning they accessed as part of their CPD record. We made this as seamless as possible by including compatibility with Open Badges.

Open Badges are digital certificates recognising learning and achievement and can be stored and shared online.

Custom podcast and app integration

SSSC already had a learning app and regularly produced a podcast for their audience.


We wanted the new learning platform to be a hub for all learning, so we wrote custom integrations to pull both of these features into the Moodle.


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