Smashed Online


The Smashed Project is an educational theatre programme, dedicated to reducing underage alcohol consumption. Developed by Collingwood Learning, the Smashed Project tours schools globally.

The logistics of live theatre mean Smashed can't visit every school around the world, so we worked with Collingwood to develop an online version of the programme. 

Immersive video


The course requires children to watch the whole show and whilst that's easy when they're watching it live, it's a big ask to get them to sit through a 40-minute video in one go.


The show was filmed in its entirety and then broken down into different episodes. This allows the course to be delivered in either a classroom environment or for children to access it at home, at their own pace.

Engaging interactions


Whereas the live show has a captive audience, it was important to be able to keep children engaged when viewing the story online.


Extra features such as rewinding the story, pop-up questions and reflection activities put children at the centre of the experience and motivate them to progress through the course.

Simple, secure admin

As an exercise in corporate social responsibility (CSR), Smashed needed to be able to make it as easy as possible to access, whilst still providing valuable data to measure its impact.

We devised a simple sign-up and login system that would adhere to all GDPR regulations in relation to children's data. The success of the programme was then measured through built-in pre and post-course surveys, to deliver anonymised KPIs to gauge the programme's success.  

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