Society of Dyers and Colourists


SDC is an international professional society, with headquarters in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, specializing in colour in all its manifestations.

adaptiVLE was appointed to build a learning platform plus online courses.

Moodle LMS and Courses


We recommended a custom Moodle build for the SDC learning platform, as it would allow staff to create their own resources and manage future learning programmes.

SDC wrote the courses and we presented them in a clean modern style, using their images and branding.


Website integration


We coded a bespoke integration to link their current website with Moodle, delivering a seamless experience for users, where the shift from Wordpress to Moodle was imperceptible.

In addition, we added a shopping cart which allowed courses to be purchased on the website, with users then being automatically assigned access to the LMS.

Training & support

As Moodle was a new technology for SDC, we delivered an intensive training programme for their staff.

The project was completed during COVID-19, so we utilised Zoom and our knowledge of online learning to provide a blended approach to their training.

We also moved their web hosting to our own faster servers and took over their support function, ensuring their entire learning function was always in safe hands!


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