Toynbee Hall


Toynbee Hall provide an online blended learning course called Digital Money Mentors Training.


adaptiVLE built the online eLearning portal, then created a dedicated app, available on iOS and Android, for both mobile phones and tablets.

Learning on the move


The learning content on the main platform was designed with a mobile first approach, so compliments the app perfectly. 


Learners can log in and out of content as needed, resuming from where they left off. Scores and completion data are sent back to the main LMS.

No signal? No problem

The app works both online and offline, allowing users to access eLearning even when they have no mobile signal or WiFi. 

Stay up-to-date


Users can take notes as they work and have access to their course calendar.  Tutors can contact users directly from the app and messages are received as push notifications.  Users can also take part in class discussions when they are on the move.

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