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“As a result of working with adaptiVLE, we won the gold award in 'Excellence in the Design of Learning Content' at the international Learning Tech Awards, beating major multinationals from all over the world.”
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Create clear learning pathways and outcomes, to ensure learning takes place.


Make your training available to more people in more locations.


Remove barriers to learning, such as unnecessary admin, staff release and training records.
Lewis Carr
Lewis Carr
Managing Director

Working together to improve training for everyone


adaptiVLE was borne out a desire to develop online training that didn't bore people to tears and give learning platform admins an easier life!


Having worked in online education for most of my career, I am well aware of the negative reputation that e-learning has earned. In many cases, this is fully deserved - there's a lot of bad e-learning out there - but I also believe that in the right hands, a digital approach can actually improve the learning experience for everyone involved.

Our proposition is simple - we work with training professionals to enhance, scale and simplify their learning and development programmes.

We enhance by adding interactions, scoring and visuals. We help you scale by providing a platform to deliver training to more people. We simplify by removing barriers to learning, such as complicated administration, paperwork and staff release.


We ensure learning is always at the forefront of projects, blending your classroom-based knowledge with our digital tools, to create clear structural pathways and learning outcomes.


In doing so, we not only take your training online but also help you adopt a smarter approach to the continuous improvement of your people.

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