Verner Wheelock


Verner Wheelock are the UK's premier training company for food safety, serving clients across the food production and manufacturing sector.

Having previously offered online courses from a third party, Verner Wheelock wanted to create and deliver their own bespoke eLearning programme for food safety & hygiene.

Virtual classroom


Before we could begin creating the courses, we worked with Verner Wheelock to build a virtual classroom, where the courses would be delivered.


This was done using the Moodle software and was designed to complement Verner Wheelock's newly launched corporate website.

Bite-size video learning


The course itself was filmed in its entirety in front of a green screen, presented by one of Verner Wheelock's own subject matter experts. This allowed us to drop in relevant backgrounds, graphics and additional video.

As the course ran to over 2 hours, we broke it down into short modules, enabling learners to fit them around their daily lives, either at work or home.


Interactions and activities were overlaid at strategic points throughout each module. This allowed learners to reflect on what they were learning and check their knowledge of a topic before moving on to the final assessment. 

At the end of the course, a certificate was generated which users could print out and keep.

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