Virtual experiences

You deliver a real-world offline experience or event.


We create a virtual version to engage your audience online.

“‘Stuff’ can be made pretty much by anyone with knowledge and competency but it is the way in which this is achieved; the genuine partnership working, synergy, rapport and ‘can do’ attitude that makes adaptiVLE stand out”
Over The Wall


Build activities around your live events for your audience to engage with before and after.


Live events can live on forever and be enjoyed over and over again as part of your archive library.


Invite the world. Your experience won't be limited by geography or head counts.
Mark Gash
Lead Creative

Wondering why you need a virtual version of your live event or activity?

You can choose to visit a supermarket or you can do your food shopping online. As a consumer, it's all about choice and as a business owner, it provides more opportunity to engage with - and profit from - your customers. So why should supermarkets have all the fun?


If you host a real-world event, deliver a live experience or provide access to a tourist attraction then we can build a virtual experience around your business. Your bespoke platform will not only increase engagement with your current audience but will make you accessible around the globe.

It’s not about replacing real-world services with online ones - it’s about mirroring activities so that your audience can choose where and when they engage with you. It also ensures that should your offline presence ever hit a bump in the road, that your business can continue uninterrupted online.


A tourist attraction that’s mirrored online can welcome 7 billion people a year.

A conference can welcome guests months in advance and provide content long after, to retain delegate interest until the next live date.

A mindfulness retreat isn’t confined to a cabin in the wilderness, customers can access a virtual, yet no less fulfilling, experience from their homes.

We deliver interactive video, virtual tours, mini-games, video-conferencing, subscription packages and much more, all wrapped up in a unique, package, branded to your organisation. 

Not only that but your virtual experience platform will also provide information on how your visitors use your resources and what they learn from you, capturing data that will allow you to improve your product and up-sell to your audience.

If you provide a real-world activity of any kind, whether it’s educational, entertaining, social or business-focused, then we can build a bespoke, digital version of that experience online.

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