We Mind The Gap


Working to motivate, upskill and improve the prospects of disadvantaged young people, We Mind The Gap is a charity that firmly believes in the adage, "It takes a village." So we built them a virtual Discovery Village to allow them to continue to deliver their programme of blended learning throughout the pandemic and beyond.

We used Moodle and H5P to create a modern platform filled with activities, experiences, mentoring, learning and live-streaming capabilities.


We designed a modern, image tile Moodle theme to appeal to individuals aged between 16 and 24, taking cues from social media and streaming services.

Users can enter a 360° world, created in H5P, where they explore the We Mind The Gap Discovery Village to access activities and discover hidden games.


We created engaging activities using Moodle and H5P. These ranged from an escape room game, to business plan building and mindfulness exercises.

Video features heavily, whether it's live-streamed mentor sessions, guest speakers or motivational speeches from famous faces.


We Mind The Gap is the latest in our line of virtual experience platforms, following Camp in the Cloud, Barretstown and Leeds Children's Hospital.

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