Wondering how to pronounce our name?
You’re not alone!

adapti VLE, adapty VLE, adaptivLE?

The adapti (pronounced adapty or adapt-ee not adapt-eye) portion alludes to our ability to quickly adapt our approach to projects, depending on the size, industry and specific needs of the client. It’s no surprise that our first couple of logos featured a chameleon and our current one still retains a sneaky rolling eye in the ‘a’! 

So what about VLE? When adapti first launched in 2015, our primary focus was on the education sector, creating digital platforms for organisations to host their online courses. These platforms are known as either Virtual Learning Environments or Learning Management Systems. As we’re a team raised on video games in the 1980s and 90s, we chose VLE, as a virtual environment sounds much cooler than a management system. 

Of course, we’ve now expanded our services to include not only learning platforms but also custom content development, creating engaging, interactive online courses for a range of clients across education, commercial and charitable organisations.


Basically, we adapt our way of working to best fit your way of working. So whether you’re looking for a place to host your e-learning, or you need an innovative approach to training your staff, get in touch with adaptiVLE (adapty - vee - el - ee).