Sewer Escape Room - We Mind The Gap


Keeping the attention of your audience can be difficult, especially if your subject matter is heavy-going. Grab their attention by including a custom escape room activity to break up the hard work.

We Mind The Gap is a social mobility charity that operates across the North West and North Wales. We created them a training and learning platform and as an addition to the project, we were asked if we could create an escape room game - of course we said yes!


The main We Mind The Gap training platform is based around an explorable 360° virtual village, where Gappies access buildings to uncover mentoring sessions, videos and learning activities.

We built the escape room into this virtual world, setting the scene for exploring the village sewers where strange things are afoot and mysteries need to be solved in order to make it back to the surface.

The escape room is made up of a series of scenes containing interactive elements to click on.

Each element activates an interface allowing players to either play, touch, look or speak.

This in turn triggers events such as adding items to a backpack for later use, presenting players with puzzles to solve or opening up dialogue with characters.


We were conscious that we didn't want to create a game that could be completed too quickly, so although there is a need to complete puzzles in a linear fashion, we added a sense of disorientation by making players run between similar-looking sewer pipes to complete tasks.

This meant the Gappies would need a good memory and be able to work against the clock in certain situations - all skills which would be useful in their real-world training programme with We Mind The Gap.

The escape room was built in Storyline, as this allowed us to add intelligent interactions that would unlock branching elements of the game. We then linked to this from the H5P 360° world we had embedded in the main We Mind The Gap Moodle platform.

If that all sounds technical, it basically means we can embed the escape room on any website or learning platform!


We Mind The Gap is the latest in our line of virtual experience platforms, following Camp in the Cloud, Barretstown and Leeds Children's Hospital.

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