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Carers UK

A carefully considered Learning Management System

Carers UK is the main membership charity in the United Kingdom for carers. Their membership includes UK councils and businesses such as ASDA, Barclays and Aviva.


Carers UK approached adaptiVLE to build a future-proof learning platform which could be customised and branded for each of their member organisations. It would need to be capable of delivering unlimited brand variations of the LMS.

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With a varied membership roster, it was important that the platform could be tailored to reflect the many brands that supported Carers UK. The platform is multi-tenancy, meaning the content and brand changes, based on the assigned membership of the user.  A user from Pepsico will experience a different frontpage and dashboard to a user accessing from Sainsbury's. Organisations can upload their own logos, colour palettes and articles.

The platform features a simple user interface, making it easy for members to create custom content relevant to their audience and industry. This user-generated content blends seamlessly with existing resources from Carers UK, such as online courses, videos, PDF downloads and links. Our bespoke reporting engine allows managers to effortlessly pull course completion data for their teams.

We built an interactive survey tool called Upfront, which collates key information for carers. Upfront recognises a user's name, the person they care for and their financial, social and health status. After taking an online survey, the carer receives a personalised summary and recommendation tailored specifically to their needs. This is automatically emailed to them as a printable resource.

If you need to deliver e-learning on a large scale, speak to us about our Corp LMS.

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