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Premier League

Scoring e-learning goals

The Premier League is the top level of the English football league system, featuring 20 clubs.


adaptiVLE worked with the Premier League to deliver blended training courses to its Academy members, coaches, young players and their parents.

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All-round knowledge
The courses are aimed at a range of ages and abilities and fit around real-world instructor-led training sessions.

Course content revolves around a variety of subjects, from time management, health, education, personal development, equality, money, coping with fame and good citizenship.

The activities are structured to deliver information in a fun and familiar way, with elements gamified around football. Individuals can create their own kit, which features in parts of the courses. They can also collect virtual football stickers as part of a reward system.

As the nature of the sport means players are often outside, the blended resources are available across all mobile devices. This allows learners to access information on the go,  supplementing their real-world training.

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