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National Institute for Health and Care Research

Learn how we developed complex integrations for NIHR's Moodle

The NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research) is a research organisation based in the United Kingdom that is dedicated to improving the health and healthcare of the population. The NIHR is funded by the UK government's Department of Health and Social Care and operates as one of the world's largest national clinical research systems.


NIHR approached adaptiVLE to develop a complex integration between Moodle (NIHR Learn) and NIHR’s Central Portfolio Management System, using an API.

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Inter-system Communication

The NIHR's Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS) is an online platform that streamlines the management and oversight of clinical research studies across the UK. It serves as a central database that enables researchers, sponsors, and regulatory authorities to monitor and track the progress of studies funded or supported by the NIHR.

NIHR Learn is the institute's Moodle LMS and the aim of the project was to design and build a complex integration that allows the LMS to communicate directly with CPMS and perform functions directly within Moodle.  Effectively, adaptiVLE designed and built a complete Study Registration Process with detailed verification and eligibility checks and a complete end-to-end-approval, registration and enrolment process.​

Double-Handling Data? Say Goodbye with this API

The integration provides a range of features and functionalities to support efficient study management. It allows researchers to submit study documentation, add and manage study locations, manage regulatory approvals and report on study progress, with full audits logs and a wealth of other functions ensuring that the NIHR do not need to double handle data and can manage the process all within their Moodle LMS platform. The project involved writing a brand new API for Moodle that can effectively communicate with the APIs on CPMS.

Our innovative time-saving API frees up resources for NIHR and provides a streamlined solution for staff that allows valuable research projects to progress faster and more efficiently.

If you need a cross-platform learning solution, speak to us about our custom development solutions.

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